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    Tavernier Real Estate

    As you enter the (Key or City) of Tavernier you will notice some historically relevant buildings on the Overseas Highway. Some of these buildings date back to the railroad era. Tavernier has a rich history and was actually named after the famous French Jeweler Jean Baptiste Tavernier {1605-1689}. Although this name  was mispronounced until 1983. Up to that point it was referred to as Tabona. Today, this Key has charm and is one of the few locations where you have easy access to most everything you need within walking distance or a quick bike ride. The Mariners Hospital Campus is within that same area, as is the Tassell Medical Arts Building and is home to a 7000 sq. ft. gym and Wellness center. This charming Key also features a Winn Dixie, McDonalds and the B&B Movie Theater. All with in that same bike ride